Citizen Pass Category 1 SOLD OUT!

Citizens, we are thrilled to see how fast 2023 tickets sell out! We have now officially kicked off the next wave of our ticket sale for PÂVOIA’23. Our Category 2 Citizen Pass also has a limited availability and represents your cheapest option to get your PÂVOIA citizen pass from now on. 

Be quick! We can’t wait to see you on the other side.

Early Bird Citizen Passes SOLD OUT! 

Early Bird Citizens, we are absolutely amazed by your commitment to PÂVOIA this early in the season – our early bird citizen passes have sold out in only 3 days! We can’t thank you enough and are looking forward to welcoming all of you next summer for PÂVOIA’23!


We are beyond excited to bring you PÂVOIA’23! We are continuing our journey with an ever-growing community who share a joint vision of creating something unique in a magical environment with seemingly limitless potential around our beloved festival grounds. This year again, we will strive to construct a more dreamy, mystical and exotic experience than ever before for all citizens to come together and escape everyday life for a few days. 

Born during a time characterized by uncertainty, separation and isolation, PÂVOIA had the vision of creating something extraordinary for the people we love. Our dream was to connect humans from different cities and backgrounds to come together and create memories and connections that will last for a lifetime. 

Today, we are still living in challenging times as people everywhere are faced with an unprecedented global pandemic, economic uncertainties and war. It is in times like these that projects like PÂVOIA unfold their true meaning and give us faith that Love, Happiness and Music, instead of fear, uncertainty and war – define us as humans and will prevail.

Citizens, let us come together in June 2023 to reignite that spark inside of us and escape into the world of PÂVOIA! 

See you on the other side!



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