A Cashless system is a RFID-chip-based payment system that replaces cash money and allows for faster, easier and safer payments at festivals. You can pay for drinks during PÂVOIA Festival with your wristband, recharge it at the cashless point on the festival grounds and get your money back after the festival.

The system is designed to make your visit as pleasant as possible. It simplifies service at the bar and reduces wait substantially. Additionally, this system is designed to avoid awkward top-up and refund procedures as they are usually practiced. You can just go ahead and use your wristband as a means to pay at the bar up to your limit and re-charge it anytime.

Drinks at PÂVOIA Festival can only be purchased using via your RFID wristband. It is possible to top-up your wristband in cash (EUR) or via card at one of the dedicated top-up stations.

*Important to note: The food trucks at PÂVOIA’24 will still operate in cash, so make sure to bring some cash along as well.

Yes, it is possible to top-up your wristband in cash (EUR) or by card at one of the dedicated top-up stations.

You can view your current balance at any time at any bar, stand or cashless point. Just ask for account balance and they will show it to you on the display.

Do not worry, when your balance ends, you can always recharge your wristband, as often you want.

Yes, your wristband will keep working rain or shine!

You can claim back everything you did not spend after the festival! You can claim your money back free of charge via bank transfer. In order to do this, you will need to send us an email to love@pavoia.com and provide us with the following information in the email:

UID (User ID), can be found on the back of your RFID chip
Security Code, can be found on the back of your RFID chip under PIN

To claim back your unspent pennies it is very important that you keep your wristband or make a note of the number printed on the back of your wristband. This is because you need this number so your wristband and any unspent money can be identified. IF YOU THROW YOUR WRISTBAND AWAY OR DO NOT MAKE A NOTE OF THE NUMBER ON THE BACK OF THE RFID CHIP, WE MAY NOT BE ABLE TO PROCESS YOUR REFUND.

*Please note: The refunds exclude any incentive credit (i.e. the 12,50€, when purchasing the 100€ pre-event with incentive credit) that was received as part of a pre-festival top-up via our cashless payment provider PurpleX. Those are non-refundable. 

Online refunds will be open on the Wednesday after the festival and you will have 30 days to claim this following the Wednesday. The refund will be paid back after the refund period is finished. Please take into account that processing all the requested refunds might take some time.


The length of the refund period has been set up and communicated in advance by us. Unfortunately, if the period has passed, refunds cannot be processed anymore.

No, we do not collect any personalized data. Personalized data will not be stored or evaluated in connection with your consumption.

Your data is stored securely and solely for immediate processing of your cashless payments in accordance with our terms of service and DSGVO. After the event and after your payments have been processed completely your data will be deleted immediately. This also applies if you do not spend anything.

If you have any questions, you can contact us at love@pavoia.com. During the festival you’ll find our staff at the cashless top-up stations for questions or assistance.