Friday 07.06.2024 2pm to Monday 10.06.2024 12pm

PÂVOIA Location: PALAC Debrznica, Poland.

Meet our Polish garden of Eden and our base for many shared memories for decades to come. Suited right next to the world famous Garbicz lake shortly after the polish border right in the heart of a wonderful nature reserve, we have found and transformed this hidden gem, its unreal outdoor space and the surroundings into a new world called PÂVOIA.

An incredible old estate with an endless garden and connecting forest with unlimited and unrestricted ways to explore the surroundings. The house itself is a masterpiece and perfectly suited for our escape into another world, it shelters our indoor locations including the Palac on the ground floor, which will drag you into its magical vibe with state-of-the art luminous installations and some of the best indoor audio-techniques there are. Heading down to the basement, our dark and mysterious Etage0, creates a surreal dance floor with a unique underground vibe for all of our Citizens. Finishing our indoor locations is the newly established Ambience floor that will not let you want to leave this special after-hour location, once discovered.

Nestled around a dreamy lake and enclosed in thick forest, the incredible outdoor Bermuda stage, full of vibrant energy and nature, gives us room to expand and build amazing projects over the years and serves to our highest musical and dance floor ambitions. Our crew will create many major and minor little twists and turns that will make you want to explore all of the gems of our PÂVOIA ground.

The gorgeous house and its surroundings will not only serve as a place where we can come together to dance and mingle, cool down and hydrate but will also give us space to rave until there is no tomorrow. We will continue to improve the infrastructure of the house and its surroundings year after year to provide the most comfortable & magical experience for all of us.


There are a few options to get to PÂVOIA. We have listed them for you below:


The best way to get to PÂVOIA’24 is via bus through our bus partner They will provide dedicated state-of-the art travel buses (round-trip) for all our citizens from various locations throughout Germany for reasonable and competitive prices. The exact departure times and schedule will be communicated by our partner to all bus ticket holders prior to the event via e-Mail. Please make sure to book your bus ticket via the following link:

*Please note that the bus ticket (round-trip) is not part of your general admission ticket and will have to be purchased separately via the website above.



You can purchase a car or campervan pass via our website during your check-out process. You will receive a parking pass at the entrance to PÂVOIA and be guided to your dedicated spot.

A car pass will allow you to park your car in our dedicated parking lot (opposite side from the festival grounds, walking distance 5min from festival entrance).

A campervan pass will grant you access to our beautiful camper forest where you will be able to find a cosy place for your campervan protected by giant, magic trees.

Should you have purchased a ticket and forgot to add a car or campervan pass, you can do so afterwards by going to the following URL , clicking on “Get Tickets” and then scrolling all the way down to “Have an access key”, here you can enter your access key for:

  • Camper-Van Pass: VANLIFE24
  • Car Pass: CARLIFE24



If you want to travel by train, you can do so as well. The closest train station from the festival grounds is called Gadkow Wielki, which is a 40min train ride from Frankfurt/Oder. From Gadkow Wielki you will need a taxi for the remaining distance of 5km to the festival site.

PÂVOIA’24 officially opens its gates on Friday at 2pm. The musical performances will last until Monday morning, with busses leaving Monday mid-day. Campsites and festival ground must be vacated latest Monday evening. 

As every year, the camping ticket is included in the ticket price. It is located directly at the festival site embedded in our surroundings – there are no significant walking distances from stage to campsite.

The camping spots will be free of choice, but also guided by our crew in the marked area within the spacious lawn of the estate. It will be close-by to the outdoor stage nested under beautiful open areas and trees. There will be enough room for everyone.

Please bring a tent for yourself or talk to your friends in order to share a tent together, but be sure to bring a sleeping bag and something to make yourself comfortable – remember to think of the little things that help you recover from limitless raving.

Please be advised, that the camping area is in the middle of the polish forest and you are entering the premises at your own risk. Should anything happen to you while you are on-site, we are not liable for any damages or anything else. This includes any damage to your own personal property. 

Should you have purchased a ticket and forgot to add a Camper-Van or Car pass, you can do so afterwards by going to the following URL:

You will then have to click on “Get Tickets” and scroll down all the way to “Have an access key”, here you can enter your key to unlock an individual camper-van or car pass:

  • Camper: VANLIFE24
  • Car: CARLIFE24

Throughout the entire weekend we will have a selection of great food trucks on site who will carry breakfast, as well as healthy options/juices, but you will also find wholesome stuff to replenish your lost energy. This year we will strive to supply food almost around the clock. We will be selecting the food trucks very carefully and will also offer a bunch of vegetarian and vegan dishes throughout the weekend. Please be aware that food is not included in the ticket price. Also, the food trucks will only accept cash payments (as opposed to our RFID cashless system for drinks), so please make sure to bring enough cash along as well.

Make sure to be aware of any serious allergies or intolerances, as we cannot work towards individual food alternatives. Of course filtered tap water (new high quality water source + filtration system) will be supplied at no charge and is readily available, so be sure to bring your own water bottle to refill. Additionally we will offer bottled water at a cheap price at our bars. Drinking enough water is important for you and us to stay hydrated and safe.

Please don’t bring your own BBQ or any other open fire cooking tools to the festival. This is strictly prohibited as this would cause an irresponsible amount of trash, fire hazards and cannot be handled on the camping grounds. We will have rangers looking out for fire hazards, so there is a zero tolerance policy for open fires and own BBQs. We’re also heavily excited that our crew from Public Coffee Roasters will supply us with the most amazing Cappuccinos, oat flat whites and iced coffees during the festival.

Also, in 2025 for the first time, we will provide a juice & fries bar right next to our coffee hut, that will provide healthy juices and fries to all citizens. Additionally, fresh mimosas from real oranges will be available at the juice & fries bar this year.

There are fixed showers in the basement of the house as well as several outdoor showers for you to use. Fixed toilets are provided in the house (ground floor and basement) as well as outdoor toilets, including in the camping forest.

As we have all gotten used to it by now, we will monitor the COVID situation closely and adhere to any then applicable hygiene standards.

PÂVOIA is operated via a convenient cashless payment system that replaces cash money and allows for faster, easier and safer payment at the bars. 

Upon entering the festival ground, you will receive your wristband which will automatically have your pre-drinks token (30€ as part of your ticket purchase) + any pre-booked deposit amounts via our cashless payment provider. You can pay for everything at the entire festival with your wristband (except for the food trucks, more on this below), recharge it at the cashless point on the festival grounds and get your left over balance back after the festival.

Regarding wristband refunds, please note: The refundable balance excludes the original value from the ticket (30€) and any add-on/incentive credit (e.g. the 12.50€ incentive credit when purchasing the 100€ pre-event with incentive credit) that was purchased previously to the start of the festival. All add-on / incentive credit is non-refundable. 

Please also make sure you don’t bring your own drinks at all, we are working heavily on an extensive drink list and will offer everything you can desire for very fair prices. We have been building this project from scratch and not only your attendance, but also your drink consumption will help us finance our escape to PÂVOIA year after year.

Please see here for an extensive FAQ on our cashless payment system: FAQ Cashless

We will continue to invest in security as well as first aid personnel in order to provide for the best possible experience for all citizens. That way we can make sure that no undesirable person will enter our facilities and that paramedics and a doctor are available 24/7 on-site for any urgent matters.

Do not bring excessive amounts of drugs. The selling of illegal drugs is strongly prohibited and if we are notified about activities, we reserve our rights to send the accused off our premises. We all want to have a great time, so please be conscious of your consumption and aware of the person standing next to you. Do not act careless or reckless regarding your own experience and limits, because one critical incident of overestimation could potentially ruin the entire experience for everyone and have severe health consequences.

We do not tolerate any kind of racism or discrimination and have a zero tolerance policy against SA – if you experienced it, feel unsafe, need help, witness speech or behavior please immediately find our onsite staff (trained psy-care team, security or bar staff) and report any situation. We are there to help and create a safe environment for everyone. 

For a safer space

Of course we would like no one to discriminate against anyone else at our festival and for no one’s individual boundaries to be violated. Despite our tendency to create wonderful festival fantasies, we prefer to be realistic here and not close our eyes to the problems that can arise even on the most beautiful festival site. Instead, we will actively tackle the whole thing together with you and strive to create a safer space for all of us. We therefore want YOU as our guests to look out for each other, respect personal boundaries and act in solidarity and attentively.

We have our own trained awareness team onsite who will be wearing vests, so they are easily recognizable by our citizens. Here you will find help and support if needed. If you would like to contact us about sensitive issues before and/or after the festival, you can do so at

Your participation in the festival is at your own risk. We accept no liability for physical or material damage during the event, nor in the context of arrival or departure. The instructions of security, the fire department and the rescue service must be followed!

Please find our terms and conditions for additional details here.

Once you have booked your citizen pass you will automatically receive an e-Mail from our ticket provider Universe, so make sure it does not land in your spam. Please make sure to provide us with the correct email address and to have access to this email address, in order for you to receive the invite and ticket.

We are putting a lot of effort into the booking and want to bring artists from various cities together to create a very special vibe for all of us. It will be deep, it will be dreamy, it will be mystical and it will be intense. Expect the finest techno, house and electronic music from Hamburg to Berlin and across the international music scene. The music will run all weekend with different intensity and with a 1-2hrs break per day, or maybe not. For those who cannot get enough – our lineup will let you dance straight into the bus back home on Monday! The full lineup will be announced on Friday Morning before the festival.

Nobody is perfect, let’s be honest, but what we can do is avoid single use plastics the best way we can. It is important for us to leave the smallest possible footprint on this beautiful place, so please be respectful with the surroundings and greens. We challenge you to not throw cigarette butts, bottle caps or other items carelessly on the floor and if you see trash and want to help, please pick it up and put it away. We will supply pocket ashtrays and multiple ways to securely get rid of your trash. If you can, do not bring single use or throwaway items and take items such as chairs and tents back with you. Do not forget to bring your own refill water-bottle and remember to leave no trace.

You may resell or transfer your PÂVOIA citizen pass up until 2 days before the start of the festival.

To do this, simply click on „Confirm your account“ under the QR code in the email you received from our ticketing provider Universe, create an account with Universe and then have the tickets transferred to another name without any problems.

We have a strong stance against any kind of discrimination. We do not tolerate violence, racism, xenophobic behaviour, sexism or any kind of personal attacks. We will have designated people who will make sure that if such things occur you can get help immediately. Watch out for each other and help if someone needs it. We will not have a place to store your valuables so please only bring what you can keep safe and stashed away in your tents. Do not bring large amounts of cash or jewelry, we cannot replace your valuables when they are gone. 

Lost & Found items can be handed in at the “Lost & Found” area at the Production Office on the first floor inside the house. After the festival you can contact the following e-mail address: for any inquiries regarding Lost & Found items.

We hope that 2024 will not be such a heavy mosquito year in Poland and do our job and install natural mosquito traps to keep these little friends away. However, we highly recommend you to bring some strong mosquito repellant too. We suggest Anti-Brumm, which can be bought at your local Apotheke.

Unfortunately you will not be allowed to bring doggies or other pets. Talk to us if you run into any problems or encounter an animal.

We will supply drinking water throughout the weekend via designated taps, so do not forget to bring your own water bottle. Also bottled water can be bought at our bars for a reasonable price.

Without the support of numerous supporters PÂVOIA would simply not be possible.We are looking for volunteers for our bars, event logistics, psy-care, artist care, waste management and many more positions. If you have experience or want to gain some, this is the place to show it.

Further infos can be found here: Volunteers