Meet our Polish garden of Eden and the basis for many shared memories for decades to come. Suited right next to the world famous Garbicz lake shortly after the polish border right in the heart of a wonderful nature reserve, we have found and transformed this hidden gem, its unreal outdoor space and the surroundings into a new world called PÂVOIA.

An incredible old estate with an endless garden and connecting forest with unlimited and unrestricted ways to explore the surroundings. The house itself is a masterpiece and perfectly suited for our escape into another world, it shelters our indoor locations including the Palac on the ground floor, which will drag you into its magical vibe with state-of-the art luminous installations and some of the best indoor audio-techniques there are. Heading down to the basement, our dark and mysterious Etage0, creates a surreal dance floor with a unique underground vibe for all of our Citizens. Finishing our indoor locations is the newly established Ambience floor that will not let you want to leave this special after-hour location, once discovered.

Nestled around a dreamy lake and enclosed in thick forest, the incredible outdoor space, full of vibrant energy and nature, gives us room to expand and build amazing projects over the years and serves to our highest musical and dance floor ambitions. Our crew will create many major and minor little twists and turns that will make you want to explore all of the gems of our PÂVOIA ground.

The gorgeous house and its surroundings will not only serve as a place where we can come together to dance and mingle, cool down and hydrate but will also give us space to rave in the basement and ambient floor until there is no tomorrow. We will continue to improve the infrastructure of the house and its surroundings year after year to provide the most comfortable & magical experience for all of us.